metal or fiberglass doors


   many homes built now and in the recent past, utilize metal or fiberglass entry doors. properly finished and maintained, these doors can outlast wood doors with a longer life and fewer problems than you can have with wood doors.

   in most cases, a windowless metal or fiberglass door can be transformed into a beautiful art glass door with little effort. by adding an energy efficient thermal pane safety glass insert into your existing door, you can achieve the look you want, without the added cost of a new door.

   do you have a clear glass insert in your door already? then you are ready for art glass now. my art glass panels utilize a special metal channel that slips behind the insert frame, locking it tight to the door. the art glass rests right on the existing clear glass for added protection of the art glass. there are no special parts required for these installations.

the process of installing art glass in a metal or fiberglass door.
 custom stained glass and repair
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